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The Seda Maritime Company

Kids need to learn about the outdoors.  

That is just the bottom line - we need to connect kids to the world away from cell phones and computers. Whether they are actually in the sand getting dirty or in the classroom working with touchtank animals or helping with a demonstration that gets their minds working, we need to make this happen. With over 15 years of work in schools, on the beach and on the water, we have seen just how important this is for our kids. Let us help make this a reality.

Sea Scholars

We will bring the wonders of the outdoors right into your classroom.  Check out our program page with details about programs and pricing!

Professional Development

Working with the standards set in place by the state of Connecticut Department of Education, the Seda Maritime Company has opportunities for individual teachers to participate in our Professional Development Programs as well as for school systems to schedule times for their pre-determined Professional Development dates.  Please contact us for more information!


Let us help you provide amazing opportunities for kids.  Need help designing a new program?  Deciding to enter the field of Marine Education with your vessel or organization?  Want to see more kids in or on the water learning about the Ocean and the world around them?  We can help design programs, market to new groups and even train your staff to be amazing informal educators.  Call us to help design the right solution for your organization!